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New UI missing snippet section for outbound email responses

Dave Read

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I've been using the preview of the New UI full-time now for a while and 90% happy, but......

in the email section of service manager, we used to have a choice to use our own personally authored templates, called "snippets", but this appears not to be available anymore.

There's value in consolidating everyone's personal stash of snippets into a globally curated Templates for a standardised approach, but am i right snippets for emails have been withdrawn? (we do have one template that all the team have visibility on)

In ticket updates and outbound emails related to a ticket, snippets are still available; albeit not the same set as in emails.

I've checked with the team and they're seeing the same omission and a lack of any other alternate way to access them.

are they coming back or is there an over-arching strategy why they've been removed?

Thanks, Dave



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@James Ainsworth 

you're right James, they've been moved - bit of a shudder to think all the time used to curate/update personal templates of resources had been lost.

i guess it's not easy to have signposts to all the changes, but although i'm no web developer, i'd hope in the future for similar UI changes there could be a way to smooth out the user experience. (e.g a one-off transient legacy link that once clicked would would show information guiding users to the migration of the new entity) for the snippets change in particular, the icon does not clearly leap-out as a place to explore. something for the future to smooth out the user experience. no doubt there's a list of all the changes i've not seen, so apologies

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