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Asset management - Disposal

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I'm looking to expand my knowledge and understanding, how are people handling disposals within Hornbill ? 

The team and I are looking to use an Auto Task button to start the process by changing the status and sub status of a device and from there creating a request to handle the rest of the process as we have to wait for confirmation from a 3rd party. 

any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated :) 

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It is not currently possible to perform actions on an Asset in the BPM based on its Asset ID, which could be the sticking point in this process as described.

I'm not aware of any updates in this area at present, but I believe Assets are under review so I'll ensure any news is posted back when we have it.

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I fear then that this then applies to a few of the other things I would like to do using Auto Tasks. 

For example, To save our analysts time I've been trying to write a Auto Task that will change the status and sub status of an asset. 

While we can get the process to "run" it doesn't change the status or sub status. 

is this for the same reason?

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I can only assume you're using one of the "Update [TYPE] Assets ..." nodes here?

As noted on the help popup, this only affects Assets attached to a Request:

If the Auto Task is run from the Asset View, there is no Request, so no attached assets to update - if run from a Request View it will affect all Assets attached to the current Request.

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okay, thanks - that helps, there will be some actions we can get to complete using those tasks. 

sadly not as many as we would like, but such is life.

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