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History of call included in replies


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If a user logs a call and supplies info/details/screenshots etc none of that preceding detail appears in the ticket response from Hornbill, so the user can’t look back at it.  Is this a limitation of Hornbill, or is it possible to adjust settings etc?

I have switched the setting on below but it still doesnt show the history of the call when replying to the user.  


Is there any other options that I have missed to have this feature enabled?



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The setting you have shown is for the Email Application, and does not affect the Service Manager Application.

If I'm understanding the question correctly, this is for a Request raised from an email and you're referring to the confirmation that the Request has been logged - in which case, no, the email that the Customer sent in is not reproduced in full and sent back to them, and there is no setting to do this.

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