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How to filter available assets for user selection in Intelligent Capture

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Hi all,

Is it possible to limit the type of assets a user can select from in the Intelligent Capture Asset form? I have this form set up in Intelligent Capture:


And this is how the form looks from the front end:


Is it possible to automatically filter this form to only show Desktop - computer assets?


Thank you

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Hi Mark 

Just checked our software installation setup - we have the asset restricted on this to just Computer System (so Laptops, Desktops, VM Machines and Servers). I have just tried to search for an asset outside of the set criteria (Printer and Software) and nothing came up for either of these assets for Printer and Software so I am not sure - our filter on the asset has the below options so I am not sure why you are seeing non Computer assets but I note you have some different options turned on here

Many thanks



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@Mark Burns I think this is working as designed but not how you might want...

"Hide Customer's Assets = No" I think means "show all the customer's (Used By) Assets" and that's what you see, assuming all those assets 'belong' to the customer.

I think all the "Select" boxes only affect the search for additional assets.

I would also sometimes like to filter for the IC form. For example I would like to ask the user to select the laptop/desktop they want software installed upon but it shows all their assets so they could select some other software and that would confuse things.

I have also raised something on the forum that the asset search brings back archived and retired assets and there is no way to stop that; we have our users selecting their old laptop assets from the list and our server team selecting the archived versions of those assets for changes... 

Thus I am hoping others add to the weight of improvement being needed in the area of filtering assets.

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Cheers both,


Yeah, looks like the filters only work for the Asset search section. Hopefully Hornbill can modify this to allow us to filter the list of the customer's assets.


Thanks again

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