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Sub-statuses Coming off hold


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We have three global sub status set up:



And then two additional sub status that are service specific (for our People Technology service)



When we use the With Customer global sub status, it is set to come off hold when the customer updates the ticket, however this is also happening for our above Service Sub-statuses (with elementsuite and With Service Cafe), despite them being on-hold sub-statuses. If we use a service sub-status, we want the request to remain on hold even if the customer updates it (as we are not waiting for an update from then, and have escalated the ticket externally)

This doesn't happen when we use the With People Services sub-status, when we use this and the customer updates the request, it remains on hold, how can we make this happen for the two service sub- statuses above?

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  • will.good changed the title to Sub-statuses Coming off hold

Hi @will.good

That is what these toggles are for - if enabled, it means they will automatically update (i.e. come off-hold) after a customer update. If you want the request to remain on-hold after a customer update, simply switch these toggles off. 



You can see that the "With People Services" global sub-status already has this toggle switched off, hence why that is the only current one that is not auto-updated as part of a customer updated. 

Kind Regards


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