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Service Manager Report - Team Reassignments


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Hi Everyone,

there's a report available in the Service Manager In-App Reporting area called "Team Reassignments". According to the wiki description this looks "to see how many requests have been resolved by the first team that they were assigned to. This can help to identify the performance of your 1st Line teams and if they are successfully resolving requests without having to rely on reassigning to another team".

In it's default form, what criteria is this report using to determine the percentage of Reassigned Vs the percentage of not reassigned?



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I've checked internally and:
The query is based on the last 1000 logged requests of type Incident, Change Request, Service Request.
requests must not be archived.
The requests must be currently assigned to a team
The Security Model is enforced, i.e. the count is based on requests that the current User has access to.

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