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I am creating a ticket which would be a child ticket to a parent ticket.  I have asked the service desk analyst to insert the parent ticket Request ID .  How can I update the parent ticket to indicate that there is a new linked ticket.  I have tried the following from the child ticket that is getting logged.  The reference number is contained with the procap.




Kind Regards, 



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Hi @Salma Sarwar

when you link a request to another (regardless of HOW you do it) then there will be a new item added to each of the linked tickets called 'Linked Requests'.

The Parent request will have the details of the Child request here.

The Child request will have the details of the Parent Request here.

If you're doing this from a BPM then, as long as you add a 'System Timeline Update' then a notification will be added to the Timeline. If you're doing this manually (from within the Parent ticket for instance) then a Timeline entry is already added. 

There is some information on raising linked requests in the wiki

(What I'm getting at here is that you shouldn't need to manually update the Parent ticket to say that a Child ticket has been added?)

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Hi @Salma Sarwar

Looking at your screenshot, you are updating the "External Reference" field using the BPM automation.  The idea behind this field is to be able to store a reference to something external to Hornbill.  This particular field doesn't create any sort of relationship between requests within Hornbill.  

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Hi @Salma Sarwar

Having had another look at your original post and I think I'm getting a clearer picture of what you are trying to achieve.  I believe that the missing part to this is the need for an automation that links the requests, rather than trying to use the External Reference field.

  1. You have an existing parent ticket
  2. When a service desk analyst is raising a new ticket, within Intelligent Capture they have a question where they can enter a parent ticket ID
  3. Once the new child ticket is raised, you are wanting the workflow to link these two tickets and for the parent and child tickets to show as linked within the linked request section.

Is that the idea?


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