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Help with Data Import Configuration / Updating Roles please

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We haven't adjusted the configuration of our Data Import Configuration since our go-live 18 months ago, however we have changed the way our Hornbill User accounts are created and I have just discovered that I have a few hundred Basic Users with no/missing roles.

At the risk of asking a stupid question...if I change the setting to Create & Update, will ALL user accounts be updated with the roles in the list, including Full Users?  Will it overwrite what they already have or will it add them to their existing Service Manager roles?  Would there be any conflict in the access?

I can't afford to lose/reduce access for the Service Management teams to fix the issue.  Any help or hints appreciated.  Thanks



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Hi @Sam P

If you changed this to "Create and Update" I believe it would append these roles onto any existing roles that your users have, INCLUDING the full users. So whilst it wouldn't remove any access they have, this is still far from ideal as it means your Full Users would have roles that aren't relevant or necessary. 

My suggestion would be to go into the Admin area, to the Roles section (of the specific app) and navigate to one of the roles that you want to be added to all the Basic Users - e.g. "Self Service User". From there, there is a button called "Add All Users" and once, clicked you will have a prompt. Select the option User Type = Basic. If you then click "Save", this will apply that role to ALL of the basic users on your instance. Obviously most will already have that role, so nothing will happen to their accounts, but it would quickly add it to approx 200 accounts you mention that don't have that role. 
Then repeat this process for each of the roles that is missing.

You will then be in a position where all Basic users will have all the required roles. And you would then just need to ensure that the process that you are now using to create new accounts has also been updated to add these roles in on creation, so you don't have to keep repeating this job.  



Kind Regards


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