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Reporting on Report Recipients


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I was wondering if it is possible to report on existing reports which have a recipient.

I am looking for reports scheduled for a specific recipient who has left so that I can check whether those reports are still needed and transition them to a new recipient if they are.

I can see easily enough how to filter by the person who created and modified a report but not the recipients.

I had a run through database direct but didn't see a table that listed recipients.

Do I need to go and check the our 436 reports manually? I hope not

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Hi @AlexOnTheHill

This information is stored within the h_sys_reports table, in an column called h_definition. You'll notice that this column actually contains all sorts of information relating to the definition of the report, not just scheduled recipients. 
Due to this, to find what you need you would need to use an "Is Like" operator in the filter - so it can look at the whole string of text in h_definition and see if there is a match. In terms of the details held against the scheduled recipient, it actually stores their Name, Hornbill User ID, and Email Address. 

I have attached up a quick example report example you could load onto your instance that prompts the person running the report to enter the email address of the recipient who may be scheduled to recieve some reports - and the results should return the titles of any reports that meet this criteria. 

Hope this helps


reports-by-scheduled-user-prompt.report (1).txt

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Thank you!

I had scoured through the definition values and not seen the email or user ID and searched through the text in that field for that information and found no results. I had looked at it on database direct and again found no results but this has worked. What a relief!

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