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Request has spawned an update email to a customer on a Human Task?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We have a new process we are working on which spawns a number of human tasks, and linked requests. However, these Human Tasks have spawned update emails to the customer. When viewing the tasks in the timeline these are showing as team facing, however it has pulled out the task details and sent it in an update email. I have not seen this previously on other requests so I am just trying to understand why it has spawned the update email please? Of course I may not have seen this when doing any testing previously as normally I end up being both the customer, the manager, and the analyst. I can not see any configuration in the Human Task node in the BPM that controls this functionality. Image 1 shows the timeline post, and image 2 shows the update email.

Many thanks as always

image 1:


Image 2:


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