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Set default view to "Show Card Titles Only"

Mark (ESC)

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Hi @Mark (ESC)

Thanks for your post.

There isn't a way to set "Show Card Titles Only" as a default.  The default starting point is to always show the entire card, even when a user had selected the "Show Card Titles Only" option.  It will revert back to the full card view the next time they open the board, let alone saving this view for other users.

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@James Ainsworth, @TrevorHarris. Hi guys. We recently looked at using boards for managing our team workload (i.e. more like manual cards than BPM tracking) but we found the cards to be too big and it meant we could not get enough on the screen to make it manageable when a team of 10 people have 5 tasks each. The most obvious issue is the Card size being fixed and large.

I think for that team at least, they saw no reason to move away from Jira. That's disappointing for me as an advocate of the HB product.

I think you could encourage more use of the Board Manager tool if you improved some of the usability aspects (by copying similar tools); and a set of ways to get much more content on the screen would be a big step. Another suggestion is to have an option to have a scroll active for the page as a whole, not per column (which is very confusing for us).

Just ideas here.

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