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Priority change

Salma Sarwar

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Hi Salma,

If you set the priority to 1 in the bpm I would suggest just having an email node after that node in the BPM which sends an email out. You could also look to send a notification within the BPM as part of the BPM flow. Of course you will need to set a decision node if some requests are priority 1, priority 2 etc so the other priorities do not trigger the email / notification - this depends on your BPM flow of course.

If you are setting these on the fly direct in a request I would suggest having a custom button for this, and as part of the custom button flow it could send an email onto a prescribed email list as well. For this to work effectively you could consider hiding the change priority action button in a request so analysts have to use the custom button to change a priority so that the email notification triggers correctly.

Many thanks

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