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Export all Business Processes and Intelligent captures

Gavin James - SDDC

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8 minutes ago, Gavin James - SDDC said:

I was just wondering if it was possible to download all my Intelligent captures and Business Processes in one go?

I'm afraid the short answer here is no.

Can I ask what you're aiming to achieve here, as there may be a better way of doing this.
The Workflows are designed to be created and maintained via the UI, what value does downloading them en masse bring for you?

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@Steve Giller I meant to ask a related question. I have not taken backups of our flows because I have assumed you have the data very securely backed-up to a recent checkpoint. I figure the config files are no good to us if your platform is not available to run them and when you restore a platform you restore data.

What is Hornbill's BC plan, the safeguards for our workflow data, the resilience in place and the restoration commitments? I guess I ask Customer Success this?

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