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Supporting Teams versus Domains; restricting HR ticket visibility but leaving ICT open


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We are likely to be bringing HR on board with the product but we would like the HR Requests only to be visible and attended to by those teams.

My understanding is that the only mechanism by which we can restrict the visibility of requests is to use the supporting teams feature of the service portfolio items. Is that right?

It makes sense to me that there should be a higher-level restriction such as by Domain. For example I should be able to add all my ICT teams to the IT Domain and all my HR teams to the HR domain and that should cascade into all of the respective service portfolio items without having to edit each one. Is this possible? Or is there already a domain level approach to this?

Is there anyway to cascade the supporting teams? With 20 ICT teams and 50 portfolio services, to allow all my ICT teams to all services (at present they are are open to all) is going to involve 1000 (manual) update operations! I was hoping to be able to add a higher-level organisation to each service portfolio and have that take effect for all the teams within it. Is this possible?

Any other ways to segregate HR/IT/Facilities tickets without the tedious process of manually managing adding all appropriate teams to the Supporting Teams in each Portfolio item!?

Thanks in advance. Wiki applies: Service Support Teams - Hornbill

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