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Card move by BPM into the "Card Bin" lane, doesn't get removed


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Good afternoon,

I have been updating our processes where Board Manager is involved, and have come across a bug, I think.  On our Boards we have a "Card Bin" where we can drag and drop cards to remove them from the Board automatically.

However, if a card is move into the "Card Bin" lane via the BPM, it remains in that lane.

I know I probably should've just removed the card from the Board in the Business Process but I just wanted to highlight this as a potentially unintended issue that could occur if any Business Processes are set up this way for any reason, accidental or otherwise.

I set a 1-day time on that lane for when cards are automatically removed.




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The rubbish lane is only intended to be a convenient method of removing cards when used via the UI.  To remove a card from the board in the BPM you should use the removeCard operation

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