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Cannot Find Workflow Instance error while using an email routing rule

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I've set up a new email routing rule (one of many - the rest of which are working fine) however, when I try to trigger this new rule, a request is logged, but when I try to find the BPM, i see the error: Cannot find workflow instance.

The fact that a request has been created tells me that the routing rule is being found and triggered, but I can't see why the workflow isn't being created? 

The steps I've taken are:

  • Create the BPM
  • Create the CI under the service, using the BPM created above
  • Create the Routing Rule Template in Service Manager pointing to the CI created above
  • Create the Inbound Routing Rule pointing to the Routing Rule Template created above. 


I've set the Inbound Routing Rule so that the email will move to a different folder based on whether the rule runs or not, and the 'sent' email always turns up in the 'Success' folder.


Any ideas please?

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Hi @Paul Alexander

I just wanted to see if you have made any progress with this yet.  I have seen cases where a BPM was not added to a request which usually came from an error in the Intelligent Capture script or something misconfigured in the BPM Workflow.  Another cause can be the BPM Workflow not being set to Active

If you are still experiencing issues, we should be able to do some troubleshooting to find where the cause may be.  If the request is being raises, then it is unlikely to be an issue with the Routing Rules.  


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