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Can we trigger URLs to open from within a PCF?


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As part of our PCF for a type of user admin Request, we want a certain selection they make to trigger an external URL to open (to an existing external password reset page or an information article). At present, we rely on the user clicking a URL presented in the form but they can always ignore it and proceed to log the ticket.

As a second-best option, can we embed images as links in the PCF so we can drawn attention to the link though an official-looking button that reads "Click here to reset your password"...

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I would always go with raising the request in these scenarios.

The request can have a straightforward workflow that sends an email with the password reset link, then resolves and closes itself.

It's totally automated so there is no overhead (apart from writing the workflow in the first place) and gives you the opportunity to report password reset metrics.

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