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POP3 connect error, but mailbox working

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Odd one we found today while investigating something else.  Did a Mailbox Pop3 connection and it failed, yet business haven't reported any issues.  I reset the password and it connected fine.  Still thinking this odd, I checked other mailboxes - each one failed the POP3 connection test, yet I know they are working as we'd have a lot of noise if they weren't!  Went back to the initial mailbox I did a reset on and that also now shows failed, yet it is working (sending and receiving mail).

This looks like a bug in Admin Tool.

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@Keith Stevenson Aha! Ok, thank you for that.  Now I can spread the news and get us familiarising ourselves with the change in layout.

However... back to the issue at hand.  In the new UI, there isn't a Test button when going into the Shared Mailbox POP3 - unless I am resetting the password.  How do I check it is working without resetting the password please?


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@Stuart Torres-Catmur
We can confirm that this is an oversight. It was changed as part of the hardening of the Mail Administration functionality last month.  This has been raised as a defect and once resolved we will post. In the meantime the easiest way to test is to send an email.  If you need to we can check the logs for your instance to see if any errors exists. 

Kind Regards

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