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Unable to find Service Requests.

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Since an hour ago, we are expecting some issues while trying to find requests based on criteria introduced on the search bar, including the Request ID.

I found that 2 hours ago the new Global Search has been rolled-out. Could that be interfering with our system and causing the problem?



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Hi @Oriol Martinez

Updates to instances are generally done during maintenance times in the middle of the night.  In the case of the new indexing this was done over the weekend.  While I can't rule out a link between the two, it does seem strange that your issue has started within the last hour.


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Hi @James Ainsworth

Well, the issue was reported by a user at that time and then confirmed by others checking with different searches, I don't know the exact time when it started.

Some requests can be found by using its Request ID on the top search bar but unable to find on the Service Manager>Requests List search bar. Searching by text contained on the request stopped working on both search bars.  

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The search options at the top of the request list don't use the new indexing feature.  That is simply a filter on the request list.  Has this user had any changes with team membership?  The security model with services and the teams that support the services will impact search results in the Global Search and the request list filter.  Can you also confirm if this is affecting everyone.  Can someone else search for the same request that this particular user can't find?

Are you able to provide some specific search criteria that doesn't return the expected results?

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