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Inconsistent results with Custom Button rules relating to Status

Sam P

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Can I have some help with Custom Button rules please?   I want a button to show according to Request Status, but only when the status is New, Open or On hold.  My button rule is set as follows but the button doesn't show on a request that is on-hold:

I reversed the logic, and it now displays on requests that are on hold but also now shows the button on resolved and closed requests (i.e. all requests):


For the avoidance of doubt, the OR operator is active in both these scenarios. 
I also tried Status contains status.onhold but this didn't work either.
I also tried grouping some of the rules, and this also didn't work.

When I have one single rule (relating to Status, at least) it works.

I also observed that even though my button is not Request Type dependant, I have to create it for Incidents and Service Requests separately, which seems a little strange although there is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation. 

Can anyone see anything I have missed?

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