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Assets on PCF: can I show Assets for another named person?


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Business use case:

  • In the PCF for a Leaver, I want the Line Manager to see the Assets their staff member (the Leaver) has in our database; so they can ensure they are returned
  • The trouble is the Line Manager of the Leaver is the one that raises the Leaver Request; so the Asset Details PCF Form shows the Manager's Assets
  • I tried the CoWorker search node and although i could select another person, that was not used as the person for the subsequent Assets display

Is there a way to display a selected person's assets on the PCF if they are not the person logging the Request?

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@Berto2002 this is not currently possible in PCF but you can achieve something like this via BPM.

Once the line manager raises the leaver request (using a user picker to select the leaver), In the BPM you can use the Add Customers Assets node to add the leaver's assets to the request - now the leaver is not the customer (line manager), so you will need to use the User ID field in this node and the variable picker to inject the Raw value of the leavers name from PCF.

This will add the leavers assets to the request.

From here you can use the Get All Assets operation, if you include the Type this will give you a list of the leavers assets which you can share with the line manager.

A couple of options i can think of:

* Use the update request custom fields - and inject the Assets output param into a custom field, follow it with a get request info > request details node and then fire an automated email to the line manager including the custom field which holds their assets to return

* Use a request notice, which is set to be visible on the self service portal - you can then directly inject the Assets output param into the notice for the line manager to view on the request on self service.

Another option is to provide a Get Users Asset catalog item, which simply asks for the user id, then does essentially the above and you can automatically return the list into a customer facing post on the request, put it into a notice or send via email as mentioned above.

Hope that helps



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