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Changing the priority description

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

When we originally setup our instance our priority descriptions we included our department as we were the only team using it at that time (for example Priority 1 was named Digital Services - Priority 1)

Now we are on boarding other corporate areas this description is not appropriate so I am looking to fix this by creating new priorities to read 'Priority 1' rather than the current description 'Digital Services - Priority 1'.

I wanted to see if anyone else had to do this at all, and to check I am not missing anything I need to amend for this to be a smooth transition. Currently I have identified the following to update:

Step 1 - create new priority names and order accordingly

Step 2 - update the SLA's to reference this new priority

Step 3 - update the BPM's to reference new priority

Step 4 - delete the old priority descriptions

However, I was unsure if removing the old priority name description would cause any issues at all? Will the existing requests raised under the old Priority name still work as expected after I remove the old incorrect priority name?

Many thanks !

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