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BPM Process stuck in a loop


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Good afternoon,

I just had a report of a BPM Process for a ticket that is stuck in a loop...

So I have this loop - the Wait for Status Change expires after 37 hours... but what's happening here is that when the loop reaches the Wait for Status Change node, it immediately moves on to the No Match, despite the Expiry Period set.



I tried changing the expiry to 1 Day 12 hours 30 mins - and it still keeps moving on... in fact, this is for a fairly new Service + Catalog (set up back in April, ready for when we go live with the Employee Porta )... and we have 4 tickets against it now (raised internally), and 3 of them has the above issue...

Any ideas what it could be?



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Hi Samuel,

 thanks for your post.

Whenever I use the suspend wait for status change node I always set a "From Status". This is something I've always done but I do acknowledge that the "From Status" is not mandatory, maybe that's a question for the Product Team.

Have you tried setting this? Looking at your design, I assume that at the point it suspends the request will be have a status of "open" in which case this is what you should specify as your "From Status".

On a side note, I assume the status of the request is a relevant factor in your process design? If you're just waiting for an expiry time there is a specific node for that called "Await Expiry".

I hope that helps,

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Hi @DanielRi,

Many thanks for your message - I can confirm that setting the "From Status" to "Open" has resolved the loop. I have updated the BPM accordingly.

This makes me wonder why this field is set to "Ignore" by default - shouldn't it be Mandatory?

Really appreciate your helpful response.



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That's great, thank you!

I believe there are other nodes with parameters where having the option adjusted to make it clear that it's mandatory would be extremely useful.

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