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Question. If I rename a Service and that Service is referenced in workflow does the product retain referential integrity?


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We occasionally 'spawn' one Request from another using the Create New Request node and some of those new Requests specify the Service (from Portfolio) and the Catalogue Item to use so they follow the correct workflow.

If I alter the name of the Service or the Catalogue Item in the Service Portfolio, 1) does the new name feed into the node that creates tickets in all affected BPs or 2) do I break my BPs and they will thus fail to create the new Requests unless I alter them too?

If 2, is there any way in the system of seeing which nodes in which BP's reference that Service and/or Catalogue Item, or should this have been religiously documented as we go?!

Thanks for any experience or advice

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Hi @Berto2002

If you are using the standard selectors for selecting a service in the new request node etc then renaming the service should not be a problem, the logic will all be based on the underlying service id.  The only way in which you could see an issue if you have specifically referenced the name of a service in any custom expressions when branching etc.

Kind regards,


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It's a bit of both. The node only allows use of the selector for the Service; so you believe these WILL be ok?

The Catalogue Items have to be manually typed/pasted in; so you believe these will NOT?

Is there a way to use selectors on the Catalogue Item that we have overlooked? Else, have we got an enhancement request here to use selectors on CI?



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