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Hornbill Instance problem


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Thanks for the reply.   The bit in the code that does the getting of the instance details (and which would have needed to fail) is a connection in your browser to file.hornbill.com or files,hornbill.co (It requests both and accepts first response).  For you to get that error it suggests both failed. The logs for those servers show no issue (Both are in different Data centers) and  the checks we have on those URLS fire every 60 seconds from 15 different world locations and neither URL has dropped 1 request in last 30 days, so suggests something between you and instance. 

We will continue to monitor but if the issue occurs again can you do F12 to view Developer tools and see if there are any errors (These would appear RED in the network tab) and DM me those. 

Kind Regards 

Keith Stevenson

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