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Can I log a Request first and then ask the user to complete PCF questions later?


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"App A" has a high requirement for information before the user can be set-up.

The HB consultant helped us implement the Service Manager so the generic New Starters workflow sends an email to the user if they select they need App A and that email contains a link for the user which takes them to a specific Service and Catalogue item to capture those requirements in a bespoke PCF and Service Request.

What happens is users don't do that and then our Service Desk gets an escalation from the Manager as to why the user was not set-up when they ticked the box to do so.

Can anyone please help me with a better solution to this? Options I can imagine but don't know if they can be done:

  1. Can I have the generic New Starter process create a new Request and that workflow sends the user a link and the link takes them to a PCF form that updates the pre-logged ticket? At least this way, we have a Request logged for the work that is visible on the Manager's queue to action
  2. Or how about a segue from the generic New start PCF that conditionally fires-up another App A PCF for the Manager to fill-in directly after they have filled-in and logged the main New Starter?
  3. Is the only option to try to build-in the bespoke captures for all such apps into the one PCF and try to use decision nodes and Override flags?
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