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Hello just wondering if anyone has any ideas or the same problem as we are having. We noticed that one of our services doesnt show the availability when it has been set, upon looking into the issue i have noticed for example a couple that when the status is changed it changes another service instead. 
So we have Images Services that doesn't show and when changed it will change customer support. Once Customer Support is changes Entertainment Data but when changing Entertainment Data it changes itself as you would expect. 



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Hi Peter,

Availability on a service is optional. Some services may not have a need to show or track its availability.  In the top right of the service form is the availability.  Setting a service to No Status will hide its status on lists such as this.



Have a look at the status that is currently set for that service and let us know if applying a status then displays it correctly in the list.



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@James Ainsworth Thank you for the response but the issue isnt with how to change the status. As per my post we are having issues where changing one status would change a different services and that one the "Images services" will not change at all instead one the status has been changed the "customer services" status would change instead. 

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