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getEmailList2 requires 'user' to invoke

Steve 3T

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I have recently added a second mailbox to our Service Manager instance. I have it setup as per our previous mailbox and it works well for me as an admin.

However, when I assign the mailbox to a user they get the error that:

"The user xxxx has the application priviledge level 'basic' but requires 'user' to invoke this operation: getEmailList2"

Looking at the user account, they are a User and not Basic. They are assigned to the mailbox role and the mailbox is setup to require a User role.

I have checked and doubled checked the configuration and I cannot see why this is happening on the new mailbox.

I have attached a number of screenshots to show the setup.






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Please check if the affected users (which you say are full users) have any roles assigned to them that are basic user roles (e.g. Basic User Role). If so, remove this role, they should not need it as they are full users.

On a side note, I notice you opted to have your forum username as your email address. Just to make you aware, this is a public forum not only accessible by Hornbill users but by general public as well (meaning anyone on the internet navigating to our forums), which means your email address is now visible online. Let me know if you want this amended.

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Hi Victor,

Thanks for the reply.

Once I had removed the Basic User Role, I get an error saying "Cannot load framework", and nothing else loads.

Regarding the account here, it was an account set up by predecessor. Please can you update it? Steve will be okay.


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