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  1. Hi James, Thanks for the response. So perhaps the way around this would be to create a new BPM which would open an incident, send an email to our projects team, and then resolve the incident automatically? The end user wouldn't need to be informed that the incident was created and closed an no reference would need to be provided. Maybe just an email to say thanks for their feedback. Cheers.
  2. We have setup catalog items for a number of new services. One catalog item is to suggest improvements to the related service. Rather than logging an incident, we would like the progressive capture response to be emailed out to our projects team. Our projects team do not use Service Manager/Hornbill. I can't seem to see a way to do this in the progressive capture, but can once an incident has been logged. Is this possible to do?
  3. Hi James, That's an interesting point and sounds a lot easier than doing it manually each time! Thank you and I will have a look into doing that.
  4. Hi, I want to delegate access to managing users in Service Manager. I want non admin users to be able to create, update and delete users. I cannot find a built in role for this. I tried to create my own with the following roles, but the users are getting errors when they click on the "new user" icon (it's actually greyed out). Roles: Create Users, Delete Users, Manage Users, Update Users. Error: "You do not have rights to access table 'h_sys_accounts_tmplts'" and "You do not have rights to access the table: 'h_msg_mailboxes'" Please can someone guide me on what's missing? I cannot see any other role which would logically resolve the errors. Many thanks.
  5. Hi Victor, Thanks for the reply. Once I had removed the Basic User Role, I get an error saying "Cannot load framework", and nothing else loads. Regarding the account here, it was an account set up by predecessor. Please can you update it? Steve will be okay. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have recently added a second mailbox to our Service Manager instance. I have it setup as per our previous mailbox and it works well for me as an admin. However, when I assign the mailbox to a user they get the error that: "The user xxxx has the application priviledge level 'basic' but requires 'user' to invoke this operation: getEmailList2" Looking at the user account, they are a User and not Basic. They are assigned to the mailbox role and the mailbox is setup to require a User role. I have checked and doubled checked the configuration and I cannot see why this is happening on the new mailbox. I have attached a number of screenshots to show the setup. Cheers.
  7. Thanks James, do we have an estimated time? I think I will have to revert the regional settings if it's not something that can be looked into quickly. We currently have no external reporting available to the senior management.
  8. Thanks for the response. Looking in the CSV, the date format is the same as the regional settings. I beleive this is why the extract tool is now broken because the date format in the report has changed.
  9. Thanks for getting back to me. You are correct, it looks like the data in the database is still in the original format. However, I think there is a bug somewhere. If you see the screenshots attached, if I preview the report that the extractor tool uses, you can see that the dates are in the format stored in the database. However, the report file which is downloaded as the extractor tool runs, is actually in the format set by the regional settings. I then looked at the report itself and saw that you could actually select "Raw" under each column. I assumed that meant it would then output that column without any formatting, but unfortunately, it does not. Any ideas please?
  10. I was recently going through our email templates and noticed that the dates and times were in the wrong format. I went into the advanced settings and found that the system.regionalSettings.dateFormat wasn't set to a British format. I changed it to dd/MM/yyyy. Checking the emails being sent, the dates were now looking good. At the same time, our Hornbill Data Extract tool stopped working (I didn't know it at the time). This is because our SQL database was now rejecting the date/times which were being imported. Using the direct database query, I can now see that there are a mixture of date and time formats within the hornbill database. Why does changing the system.regionalSettings.dateFormat actually change how the date is saved within the database? Please can anyone indicate a way to fix this? Our reporting is now completely broken. In addition to this, I need to find a way of having the British date format in emails, but saving the date in the correct format in the database so the extract tool can work correctly (or does the extract tool need fixing?)
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