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Assigning a request to a queue using the Site Custom 1 field details

Adam Toms

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Hello all,

I'm trying to set up a BPM that will use the queue name stored from a custom field against each site in our organisation. I've gone through and updated all the sites that are looked after by Field Engineers with the correct queue name inputted into the Site Custom 1 field.

When configuring the Hornbill Automation bpm node, I can get  to the select site option, but I cannot drill down further nor does there appear to be any ability to use the site custom field as an automation task.

Has anyone else been able to get this working using the Site custom fields in the additional details section against each site?

I've attached a screenshot to make it clearer which area I'm referencing.

Many Thanks.

Site Custom 1 Area.PNG

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Through speaking to my colleague we've worked this out. We need to ensure the Get Site Details node is in the correct stage in the BPM. If you need this is in more than one place it needs to be configured in every stage of the BPM you wish to use this information. If it's not there you can't use the variable.

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Just to add to this. For the benefit of other members. 

We found that we still ran into issues with this.

Thanks to @Steve Giller for confirming in the team assignment node we needed to use the Team from Variable and then inject the Site Details from Custom 1 field.

As we also use Hornbill Asset Manager we have used the asset details inside the PCF to link the site the customer is requesting from there. It seems from my experience that both of these options are required for successful ticket routing.

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