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Hornbill - Assigning P4 by default


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We have our BPM setup to assign all tickets raised by the self-service portal to "P4" which is working well. We also have our BPM setup to round-robin assign tickets when users e-mail in, and assign a P4 by default.

Now what's happening is that when using the self-service portal, the it support team get a notification that a ticket has been raised with priority 4 and assigned to their team. Fantastic.

If someone e-mails in and auto-logging is enabled, the team get notified that a ticket has been assigned to them but there isn't a priority. We have team notifications enabled. However that being said, when the BPM assigns the ticket to an available engineer using round robin, it assigns it a P4 at that point and notifies the engineer that a ticked has been assigned to them and shows the priority correctly in that e-mail.

Where in the BPM attached can i make it so it assigns the priority before passing to the team ?

Date Logged : 2021-03-16 12:47:41Z


Request IN00054091 has been assigned to IT Support Team

Ticket Priorty: {{.h_fk_priorityname}}  <---------------------------- ( this part )



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