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  1. Yes i noticed that, but it's not ideal especially when dealing with global teams, each with their own/different domain. Can i request for this feature to be added?
  2. *bump* Anyone able to assist with this, please? Or can i raise it as a feature request, surprised Hornbill can't use the correct mailbox out of the box.
  3. Ok using Azure's fix it option and by adding additional URLs this is now working. Doesn't make any sense to me as the UK one apart from having a wildcard in the reply URL, the entity ID is completely different 1st pic is the international tenant, second is UK. Anyone care to shed any light, FYI you it doesn't accept wildcards in the URL anymore, the last time i got around this by editing the manifest but this doesn't appear to work anymore./
  4. Why would this need adding in, when it's not needed for the UK tenant?
  5. Hi there, We are trying to get one our international teams setup with SSO who are on a different domain and tenant on our instance. We've setup the Hornbill app on their tenant as we did for the UK, set it up all correctly on Hornbill. When you use the drop-down menu on the SSO screen and select the correct SSO profile and attempt to login as a user from that domain we get. Sign in Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in. AADSTS700016: Application with identifier 'https://sso.hornbill.com/*****/live' was not found in the directory '9c4e83f8-03c5-442d-
  6. Hi there, We have two mailboxes setup in Hornbill, for example, 1. UK (using a co.uk domain) 2. France (using a .fr domain) The UK team uses one, the other, the French team. When users e-mail either team, they get a new notification that a ticket has been logged/resolved e-mail notification and from the correct domain, be that .co.uk and/or .fr. Also, to add, both the UK/French teams can pass tickets between them. We achieved this by setting up our BPM to use custom e-mail templates based on customer primary e-mail address. The issue I have arises from enabling the fol
  7. Apologises, Mary. Still learning This has worked, many thanks
  8. Thank you very much, Mary. I've done exactly this and it does not appeared to have worked, please see my screenshots below
  9. *bump* anyone able to assist with this at all, please?
  10. Hi Steve, Can i kindly pick your brains again, please? Scenario 1: Engineer raises manual request using "Raise Request" feature, engineer specifies different team and specifies an owner on that team. Ticket assigns to other team as intended and notifies the owner. - FIXED Works, and thank you, Steve. Scenario 2: Engineer raises manual request using "Raise Request" feature, engineer specifies different team but does not specify an owner on that team. Ticket assigns to other team as intended and notifies the team. - BROKEN In Scenario 2, what happens is the the team initiall
  11. You did it again Steve, that appears to be working as i would want it. In case anyone is interested here is the regex to help out community. (toAddress LIKE ('%servicedesk@abc.com%') OR ccAddress LIKE ('%servicedesk@abc.com%')) AND subject NOT LIKE "RE:%"
  12. Hi there, We have auto logging enabled for tickets coming into IT and its working really well, and i attach the screenshot of routing rule that's making that happen. However, we've encountered a scenario where if a user e-mails in to IT and includes someone else and then that person responds to the e-mail chain with IT included, and there is no mention of ticket reference etc in the call, it keeps opening new tickets and therefore you end up with 3-4 different ticket numbers being sent to people. I know the system is doing what it is designed to do, but is there anyway to avoid (loo
  13. That's worked a treat, thank you very much, Steve.
  14. Muchas Gracias, does this look correct?
  15. Hi Steve, when you say get request details are you saying at the very first node "Get Request Info" branch off and decide if owner is set and/or not and if it isn't connect to "Request Assigned to Team"? sorry i am very new to this, if you would be kind as to explain it to me it would be very much appreciated.
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