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SLA - Timers Not applying to some tickets ?

Mark (ESC)

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This is a bit of a mystery.

Some tickets going through the system are not picking up Request Resolved time, this is only happening with one SLA level which is LOW, but then again not all the time.

So date logged, resolved and closed are all populated, but only a few tickets set to LOW are reporting a value for Within Resolve Time.

As you can see some Email tickets work, some do not, same goes for Analyst tickets.  All Self Service do not work. 

Any pointers ?  Where should I be looking ?



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@Victor  Interesting, made some changes, all is working, except for tickets coming in via the Portal :(

Tested Analyst and Email, both worked fine.  Tested with Portal, and as you can see from below, nothing applied.

Any pointers always received gratefully.


Above graphic only has my name listed, so no data issues :)

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