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Employee Portal - new Change Request raised today showing as Resolved in portal?

Adrian Simpkins

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hi All,

I have raised a brand new Change today, however when I was looking over the new employee portal I noticed this request is showing as Resolved and giving me the Resolved tab in the portal ? I have checked an Incident and Service Request I have open and they look fine, just this Change Request as shown below:


I have checked this on the old Service Portal and shows correctly (EDIT just noticed this is missing the Cancel option on the old portal but this shows on the new portal above?) :



Many thanks

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Hi All,

I have realised this may be due to the system knowing I am a full User, and this is why I am seeing a cancel / resolve option on the Employee portal - if someone can confirm this just so I know, so I can advise my Users as some do use the Service Portal to manage their own requests.

Many thanks

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