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Resolution Timer When Call Is Reopened

Chris Bardell

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Hi All,

I am a bit stuck and was wondering if someone might be able to help please :)  I saw under another post that we can now resume the Resolution Timer when a request is reopened. I have tried to configure this on our instance by enabling the setting app.request.resumeResolutionTimerOnReopen but it doesn't seem to work as expected (I think I am doing something wrong here :D)

When I Resolve a request it marks the Resolution Timer.


When I reopen the request it doesn't seem to resume the Timer again.


I have also tried in the BMP to add in a node to resume the Resolution Timer but without a success :( 


Thank you,

Chris :) 

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Hi Chris, 

Have a look at the documentation here.  There are some settings that related to some of this behaviour.  You may find that if some of these settings are enabled, they are over-riding what you are doing in the BPM.

  • app.request.pauseResolutionTimerOnResolve (Default OFF)
  • app.request.resumeResolutionTimerOnReopen (Default OFF)
  • app.request.stopResolutionTimerOnResolve (Default ON)
  • app.request.stopResolutionTimerOnClose (Default OFF)
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@James Ainsworth - Hi James

Thanks for your help :) The document has slightly confused me.

I have checked the settings and ours are set like the below.

app.request.pauseResolutionTimerOnResolve - Off
app.request.resumeResolutionTimerOnReopen - Turned On - i set this one to on.
app.request.stopResolutionTimerOnResolve - Turned On
app.request.stopResolutionTimerOnClose - Off

Do I enable app.request.pauseResolutionTimerOnResolve and turn off app.request.stopResolutionTimerOnResolve (I imagine when you turn on the stop setting the Resolution Timer cannot be restarted?) however, with the pause setting this can be restarted?

Then when the BMP follows the Re-Open Call route it should resume the Resolution Timer? 

Ideally what we would like is:
The call is resolved, Marks the resolution checkpoint.
(already in place): The call then goes into suspect for 5 working days which gives users the choice to re-open the call. If not re-opened the status will go to close.

If the call is re-opened during those 5 working days, the resolution timer should resume, and the call status will go back to open.

Hope this makes sense. 

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Hi Chris,

If you are using the BPM for managing the stopping and restarting of the timers then the settings should be turned off.   You can either use the settings to manage how the timers behave, or you can use the BPM to manage how the timers behave.  But not a mix of the two.  From your description, it sounds like you are needing to do this all in the BPM and have these settings all set to off.



I hope that helps.


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