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Starting with SLA's.

Mark (ESC)

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I have followed the guidance from Corporate Service Level Agreements - Hornbill but SLA do not seem to be applying to incoming tickets.

Issue seems to be the following

Linked Services

When a Corporate Service Level Agreement is first created it will not be available to be used until it is associated to one or more of the Services you offer. In order to associate it to a Service, visit a Service record > SLA's tab > and use the Link button to associate the Corporate SLA. Once the Corporate SLA is associated to one or more Services, you will be able to see which Services it is linked to from this tab.

Image below says it is linked.  Simple rules to apply a SLA to an incoming ticket are in place.


but SLA is not applying to new tickets :(


Thanks in advance.

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That will most likely be the issue, start and end fix timers.

Can you let me know which node that function come under from the list below.


Very grateful for your time on this... and found it under HornBill automation, which seems reasonable.  Just need to work into into the workflow now.

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