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For seniors other than their managers to see their teams tickets is the main reasons based on who the manager is set to?

I have changed someone's manager so they can view a wide range of tickets for the team but it hasn't synched through to the user. How long does it take to refresh?

Also changing the manager for someone within Hornbill what other implications and links does it have?

End Goal is - 
A senior member of Finance team wants to see all of finance tickets however he can only see his teams but he wants to see all of finance's team (The team is spilt into many teams). Is the only way to make this happen is to change  individual   members managers to his name?

Can there be a view on self service portal that he can see all of finance tickets as well as their own managers can too.

Not sure i have relayed this well - i hope it makes sense 

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@Shamaila  the self service portal is primarily designed to allow a user to raise and view requests, there is also a view to allow a user's manager visibility to the tickets their staff have raised.  

If the manager is changed on the user's record, the new manager should have visibility on the portal almost straight away - has the manager refreshed the browser, or logged out and back in again?

Do you have this Global setting enabled:

Admin Console > Home > Applications > Service Manager > Settings


Which self service portal are you using?  i.e which URL are they using



If your not sure feel free to share a screen shots of the interface and that will tell us.

If you change the manager of a user, there should not be any implications apart from if you are using the relationship between a user and a manager for things like line manager approvals in business processes, or if you are sending email notifications to a user's manager as part of a business process.

When you mention a senior member of the Finance team seeing all finance tickets, what are they specifically looking to do?

* Is this from a support perspective? is so self service may not be the right view

* Is it simply visibility of everything that the finance team are logging with IT? is so would a scheduled daily / weekly / monthly email report of all finance raised requests, give them what they need?


If you can let us know what the senior member of finance needs, we can hopefully make some suggestions?


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Thank for taking time out and asking those questions it really made me thing too!

The purpose they needed to view them was to help put internal notes and have visibility of how many tickets the team has. What i have done i have given that user 'user access' within Hornbill so they have functionality to do alot more - Im happy for this case to be closed.


Thanks for all the pointers Steve really very helpful!

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