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Looking for a way of updating a request status on receipt of an email

Paul Alexander

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I'm looking for a way to get a resolved request to reopen on receipt of an email.

Our current setup means that, when a request is resolved, it suspends waiting for a status update for 5 working days. If an update IS made (via the portal or by an analyst updating the request), then the status is updated and the ticket is reopened.

This doesn't work with emails though, which is causing a few issues as analysts are missing the fact that a request which they thought was resolved is in fact NOT completed.

Is there a 'suspend' status which will take either a portal update OR an email update as a trigger to move on? 

Emails DO automatically update the request (as is standard) but, unless the request is in an on-hold status (which WILL make the request update and move on if an email is received), then the email doesn't trigger any update in the BPM.

We don't want to put the request on-hold for this period...we want it to stay in a resolved state, but I can't see a way of getting the process to do what I'd like.

Our current process looks like this:



Any ideas please?

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Hi Steve

It's historical really...we've always (regardless of what software we use for Service Management) used the 'open', 'onhold' and 'resolved' queue for specific items.

If something is 'on hold' it's because the analyst has requested an update from the customer but the request is NOT completed or resolved.

If a request is resolved, then it should be in the resolved queue (we have reports running on this status too, so changing the way we work now would mean changing all the reports too). Also, we have multiple teams using Service Manager who are all very stuck in their ways and really don't like change!

Rather than having to change the way people  work, I'd prefer, if possible, to just have a way to change the status of a request based on receipt of an email. 



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