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Access token has expired or is not yet valid

Paul Alexander

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We're using an iBridge connection to add and remove people from an Azure AD group, but every now and then it will fail with the error message: "Access token has expired or is not yet valid"

To get it working again I have to go in to the  connector in Key Safe, and revoke then re-add the connector using the same credentials, and it works again for a little while.

Is there a setting somewhere in Hornbill to stop this happening please, or is this NOT a Hornbill issue?! 



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Thanks @Steve Giller

I was just looking at that page...and it looks like you have to refresh the token at LEAST once a day? If this is right, then does that mean that I'll have to go into the KeySafe every day to make sure that this token is still 'live'? 

Obviously I may be misunderstanding this completely, but I'm having to check for failed BPM's constantly at the moment and then refreshing the token and restarting the failed processes, which seems a bit counter-productive! 

This is the node we're using:



And this is the KeySafe detail:




Are we maybe using the wrong authentication type for this connector? 


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