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Hornbill ESP Message Processing Error


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I have received the email below that is related to an attached photo. The customer has sent it to me direct but the photo is not attached. I requested he log it via the Service Desk mailbox and this was the result.

Any suggestions? 



From: E-Mail Error Notification <IT Service Desk>
Date: 02-Dec-2020 14:56
To: E-Mail Error Notification <IT Service Desk>
Subject: Hornbill ESP Message Processing Error
We have detected an error during the message decoding process for the attached inbound mail message. This could be due to the MIME decoding problem in Hornbill's software, a corrupt message from the message originator or a general communications problem. You will find the original raw RFC822 formatted message as well as other useful files attached to this message in order to help you identify the message originator and aid in debugging the problem.


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