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Report on Users who do not have specific asset types assigned/lined to them

Francis von Stein

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Hi @Francis von Stein

I've taken a look at this one this evening but unfortunately I'm not convinced I have a way this can be achived. The main issue is the way that Hornbill stores the "Used By" data in the h_cmdb_assets data - it's like this:

urn:sys:0:Brad Johnson:bradj

This means it's very difficult to get a join to the other tables that a required here. The possibly is a complex way I could formulate a join but unforunately the type of report you are requesting is quite a difficult one to build and is not suited to our reporting interface. 

I can possibly get the SQL that you could run to generate this, but it would have to be run at the Database Direct level (by someone who has the Super User role). I'll ask internally too to see if there is anything else that can be done here. 

Sorry about this one!



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