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CSV Export Format for "Request>Description" is not wrapped


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We have been using the same report for over a year. 

Around 10 days ago the report export starting failing. (It doesnt fail as such but the format is broken and our database failed to accept the new data)

The "Request>Description" field has not wrapped the text and it has broken the format 

XLS works absolutely fine but we use "R" Script so this is not an option. 


I have checked the options and "No Wrap" is not selected. I have also tried "Raw" but this does not work. 



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Hi @JamieMews,

This is a known issue with reporting in the platform, which has been fixed and is awaiting release. As a workaround, we've updated the R scripts (and the Python ones too) so that they now support the use of XLSX report output.  Please see the following post for details of the R updates: 

Kind regards,


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