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e-mail not received following yesterday's outage


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We've noticed that e-mails aren't pulling through to Hornbill following yesterday's outage - the timing is a bit too coincidental as last e-mail appeared in Hornbill at 16:39 while the first e-mail "stuck" in Office 365 was received at 16:51 and we first noticed Hornbill issues around 16:45ish which were reported resolved via Hornbill Status twitter at 17:14.

I've checked the hornbill pop3 e-mail connector successfully also checked the servicedesk account in both AD and office 365 accounts and they appear fine (was able to log into the O365 web portal and see e-mail is being delivered there) and have been able to successfully been able to send e-mail from within Hornbill so am unsure where to look next.

Our infrastructure team will be investigating shortly however would appreciate any assistance in the meantime?



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It's all working now - our Infrastructure team reported that they were unable to find anything amiss however I have had reports from all of my team that they were prompted to log on to Hornbill again within the last 20ish minutes or so.

@Hornbill Support Team - is there anything that took place which would have required my team (and potentially all of our users) to log in again?


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@RobW There was an issue yesterday whereby one of the databases became unresponsive at that time, we are still looking into the root cause of the database problems however we do know that it is the root cause of your email issues.  We will provide additional info when we have it.

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