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Linked Documents ID's in Service Manager

Ade M

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IS it possible  to obtain the Doc id of a document that is attached to a  Hornbill service manager call ?

I have a Service request with an attached Doc that after going through  a series of review stages controlled by a BPM I would like to automatically add it to the Document manager from within the Service request BPM

Thanks in advance


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Hi @ade

Unfortunately there is not a BPM node in docmanager currently which will allow you to get the ids of documents attached to a specific entity such as a request. 
I'm not really sure when you say you want to add the document to Document Manager what you mean, but possible document lifecycles will do what you need as they allow you to automate the documents lifecycle


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I was using a  hornbill service manager BPM to capture a  document and then feed this into the Document Manager ,   I saw in the Service manager BPM that   I could access the Document manager  and use the entity - >  document  with the Type Get Document  Information  I assumed that I could reference the Attached Document .

I will look at the Document manager BPM to automate the doc lifecycle  however I was looking at  a service manager request to initiate an action in the  Document manager. 

This would be as part of raising a standard change and  to tie in the Document lifecycle









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