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List of subscribed users

Jamie A

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Hi Jamie,

 thanks for your post.

The following report definition should show you what you need.

This can be uploaded into your Hornbill instance by creating a new report and then clicking the option to upload a report definition file:


This report will list all the full user accounts which are the accounts consuming a Hornbill subscription (h_sys_accounts.h_class = 1). Basic users don't require a subscription. It will show the full users with a status of active or suspended (i.e. h_account_status = 0 or 1). Archived full users do not consume a subscription (i.e. h_account_status = 2).

I hope that helps,



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@DaniellRi: Hey Daniel, Thanks for your help with the report before. Is there a way to also pull out the last logged on date with the subcribed users also? Just wish there was download feature to easily pull out the information

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