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Single Sign On Failure

Mark (ESC)

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No changes made to by us onsite, but this morning unable to login to HornBill.

Get the following with Edge


And get this with Chrome


Any ideas, could it be certificate?


Edited by Victor
Personal data included in screenshot
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@Mark (ESC) first, before, discussing the issue, please be mindful of the screenshots you post. The one you uploaded has someone's email address. I'll edit to obfuscate this but please be mindful for future reference.

Now, the issue. That's not certificate, that's something in your IdP (looks like Azure?) configuration. Your IdP administrator should be able to tell you more about it. For reference here is an overview on how the authentication works:



The error you reported occurs somewhere between Step 3 and Step 4, which is outside Hornbill realm, hence our advice to liaise with your admins to troubleshoot this.

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