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Possible to force team assignment for resolution as part of BPM


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Hi Hornbill,

In our instance we have "This setting prevents resolving or closing a Request that does not have an owner" set to false because the other service in our company using the platform would like to be able to resolve calls without an owner. Would it be possible to add it so this can be toggled in the BPM process, so the service area's that require this can have it turned on for their requests?



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Hi Jonny,

We are looking at future changes that will allow you define settings per service. 

Until this is available, you could use the Suspend and wait for analyst BPM Automation to ensure at the beginning of the workflow, that an owner has been assigned.  If the requests are likely to stay with the same owner, then you could also then lock the assign action so that the analyst doesn't get removed.

Another option is to lock the Resolution Action.  Once all information has been collected and an analyst has been assigned you can unlock the resolution action.  More information on the Lock Actions can be found here.

Let me know if you think this may help.



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Hi James,

Defining settings per service would be amazing! It would be really good if you can set the default visibility of each action per service, and quite a few other settings.

When is this sort of update coming or is it good few months away?


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