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Report Filter - Inputting Dates


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Morning All

I am currently setting up a report and trying to add a date filter.  There are lots of pre-fixed variables, for example End Of Week.  Is there a way of entering dates for example 01/08/2020 until 17/09/2020?  Thank you.

Kind Regards

Ann Green

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Hi @Ann

A few things here:

1)  The reason you might be receieving incorrect results (and lots of them including all the tasks!) is because you have lots of unneeded tables being joined. For this one, you only need two tables joined together

  • Projects
  • Project Milestones

2)  I am making an assumption here - but from your personal message you mentioned you were looking for Expired milestones between a set of dates. So my assumption is that you are only interested in the milestones that have not yet been completed. With this in mind, you would need to add an additional filter looking at the Milestone Status. You will see in my screenshot below, I have added in a filter that says only return results where the milestone status IS NOT "status.completed"

3)  Finally, to answer you original question - yes you can select between a user prompted date range. As you can see from my screenshot, you simple choose

  • Due Date
  • Value is Between
  • User Prompted Value
  • And then the Between Date and Time selector



This then results with a pop up like this:



I have also uploaded an example report definition for you to upload and try on your own instance below

Kind Regards





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