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Afternoon again.

I have a report to show a list of projects assigned to a project manager, however the results are coming back with multiple results for one project, for example if a project manager has 8 projects I would expect to see 1 result for each, however I have seeing several results for each project  but the report is only for the project name, not any tasks.  How would I be able to remove the duplicate entries please?  Thank you.

Kind Regards

Ann Green


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Hi @Ann

This requires a strip down of all the joins you already have. In theory you only need 3 tables:

  • Projects (which contains the project titles)
  • Project Members (which contains the stakeholders and the roles - i.e. who is the Project Manager)
  • h_sys_accounts (which contains the User Friendly Names)

I have joined these together and very importantly, added some criteria in the filter that ensures that ONLY the person with the role of Project Manager is returned - as per the screenshot. Without this, it would return the results of any project where the person you have entered in your promot is a stakeholder (e.g. a sponsor, member etc):


Somethings you may want to consider:

  • Typing in the First Name/Last name is a bit troublesome because if you spell it wrong, you might not get the results you require - so maybe it would be better to present a dropdown using the simple list method covered in another of your forum posts (you could even use the same simple list)
  • OR perhaps because it is only bringing back one row per project - you don't need to specify the name of the project manager at all. Perhaps instead you could add some status filtering (e.g. return all open projects and their project managers)

I have attached the definition of a new report I built that covers the above for you - but have retains the "First Name/Last Name" prompt you originally set up

Kind Regards





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