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Hi there,

Can anyone advise if its possible to change the service type once an incident or service request has been raised against a specific one, for example I log an incident against a service called 'end user computing' and realise this is incorrect. Can i then change to the correct service?

I believe I've asked this question before and don't believe it was possible at the time but didn't know if this has changed through enhancements.


Many thanks


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@aw2215 I don't believe that it is possible to change the service type for a request that has already been raised.  However it is being considered as an enhancement.  There would be a number of complications with this however such as the BPM, pro cap, SLA etc having to also be switched.

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Hi Andy, 

We are looking at some options to provide this.  It is a challenge.  Changing the Service will most likely have a knock-on affect on a lot of information on the request. 

  • The questions collected through progressive capture may no longer apply
  • The BPM workflow will most likely not be valid
  • The Service Level Targets would most likely change from one service to another
  • The currently assigned teams and owner may not have rights or access to the service that you are moving it to

In the meantime, the best solution is to use the "Raise Linked Request" option on the request that was raised under the wrong service.  This will then prompt you for all the correct information for the new service as you work through Progressive Capture.  



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Hi all , thanks very much for the responses. I thought this would be a challenge based on the points you mention above but wanted to confirm. Good to see its being looked into as an enhancement request and we will look at the workaround in the meantime.


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